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One Lesson Every Hyper-Growth Leader Needs to Know

Your organization is growing at rocket-speed. Last year’s goals are now this quarter’s goals, and soon you’ll need to double the size of your team to keep up with these demands. Does this sound like chaos to you?

How Changing Your Perspective on Doubt Will Change the Game

When someone in your company expresses doubt, what is the typical reaction? It’s likely one of two things: it either gets downplayed (“Don’t be silly. Just shake it off and power through it!”), or worse, it gets covered up (“Don’t repeat that. If anyone heard you say that…”).

How My High School Coach Taught Me the True Meaning of Leadership

It’s a hot afternoon in Texas. I’m a sophomore in high school and I’ve just been called up to Varsity. I’m crossing the finish line in the first race of the season, and the clock shows that I have run my personal best. I’m the only sophomore to make it to the finals for the 400m.