Month: November 2015

How to Manage Hyper-growth: Shifting Sands and the Importance of Planning

Hypergrowth can shift the sands from under your feet. Former LinkedIn Europe MD Kevin Eyres explains how planning can put everyone on a surer footing. Hypergrowth can make day-to-day tasks feel a lot like running in sand. You spend so much effort propelling yourself forward, only to struggle against the shifting ground underfoot. As a […]

Why Team-building Should be Your Hyper-growth Company’s Top Priority

During hypergrowth, your team could triple in size every year. Former LinkedIn Europe MD Kevin Eyres has some tips on how to manage the disruption. When hypergrowth hits, everything is magnified. Little bumps in the road take on the look and feel of crises, and things around you are constantly breaking. One of the biggest […]

How to Handle Hyper-growth: ‘Something is Always Broken’

Something is always broken In the hypergrowth whirlwind, things break. Manual processes suddenly don’t cut it, and solutions that sailed you through your business’s $1m mark become boat anchors at $20m. As you’re responding to these breaks, you will also be dealing with the second type of breaking — the kind you initiate yourself. Many […]

3 Tools Every Hyper-growth Leader Needs to Implement Today

In 2007, I became MD of LinkedIn Europe and the company’s first employee outside of the US. For the next four years, I was one of the leaders who crafted and executed the hyper-growth strategy that helped LinkedIn expand into five countries, hire 200+ new team members in Europe, and sustain over 150% YOY growth. […]